What is F1 24 Fanzone?

F1 24 Fanzone
Credit: EA Sports / Codemasters

F1 24 Fanzone
Credit: EA Sports / Codemasters

F1 24 is right around the corner, but how will Fanzone change the online Formula 1 gaming scene?

It's often said that sport is nothing without the fans and you'll be able to support your favorite team like never before in F1 24 Fanzone.

But what is this new game mode and what will it mean for F1 online multiplayer and F1 World? We've got everything you need to know about F1 24 Fanzone right here!

What is F1 24 Fanzone?

Formula 1 is the fastest-growing major sport in the world, thanks in no small part to the success of its Drive to Survive Netflix series.

There are more fans in F1 than ever before and this is something that EA has recognized.

F1 24 McLaren
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Credit: Codemasters / EA Sports

You'll be able to show your loyalty to both your favorite team and driver in F1 24 to try and come out on top in the Fanzone Championship.

That's all the official information we have from Codemasters/ EA, so what will this mean?

Support your team!

When we boot up F1 24 for the first time, we'll likely be presented with the option to choose our favorite team and driver, setting who our in-game points will go towards in the Fanzone Championship.

It's not explicitly said whether your favorite team and driver can be different teams. So, for example, if your favorite team is Williams, can you support a non-Williams driver like Lando Norris as well?

F1 24 Gameplay
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Credit: EA Sports / Codemasters

It's also not clear what events will count towards the Fanzone Championship. Presumably, all online events will count, with single-player modes such as Career Mode won't.

Just like real-life, there will likely be both a Drivers' and Constructors' Championship to compete in.

F1 24 Release Date & Trailer

If you haven't checked out all of the F1 24 trailers, you need to get caught up. There's no time like the present, and we've linked the game's official reveal trailer for you to check out below:

F1 24 will be released on PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Series X|S and Windows PC via the EA App, Epic Games Store and Steam Store worldwide on May 31!

Those that pre-order the Champions Edition get three days of early access from May 28.

Are you excited to try Challenge Career in F1 24? Let us know in the comments below!

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