The Best Racing Games on PS5 in 2024

Best racing games on PS5

Best racing games on PS5

If you're looking for the best racing games on PS5, you've come to the right place!

The PlayStation 5 has so many great racing games available on it, with some series being exclusives to Sony's home gaming system. Some franchises such as Gran Turismo are synonymous with PlayStation, while you might not even be aware that some others are on the PS5.

Here are five of the best racing games on PS5 that you can pick up right now!

Best racing games on PS5

With full 4K resolution and 60 frames per second capabilities, the PS5 is perfect for modern racing games. Being close to the action is crucial in racing titles, so it's great that the PS5 can offer a truly realistic racing experience for players.

Best racing games on PS5
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From true racing simulations to fun arcade racing, here are the best racing games the PS5 has to offer.

Gran Turismo 7

When you think about racing games on PlayStation, Gran Turismo is always the first that comes to mind. After years of waiting, Gran Turismo 7 was released back in 2022. Despite not being the best in the series, GT7 is still a stable racing experience.

Gran Turismo 7 is arguably the most realistic sim exclusive on console right now. Its huge array of cars and circuits to choose from can keep players occupied for hours, whilst the revamped single-player GT Cafe mode also makes progression so satisfying to achieve.

Best racing games on PS5 GT7
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The game still sees regular updates from Polyphony that add more to the game. These monthly updates, combined with the weekly "GT daily races" always provide new challenges for players.

Gran Turismo 7 is also compatible with the PS5's PSVR 2 system, putting players right at the heart of the action. Just don't play for too long if you have a weak stomach.

With GT7 likely being the only Gran Turismo title of the PS5 era, this game will continue to receive updates for the next five years or more!

F1 23

Despite its issues, F1 23 is still considered a return to form for the F1 series.

That's partly because it's one of the two official games of the 2023 Formula 1 season, the fastest racing series in the world. With Formula 1 continuing to grow in popularity, it was crucial that Codemasters' entry this year fixed the issues that plagued F1 22 last year.

Thankfully, F1 23 has mostly done just that. Not only that, its newest feature has certainly saved the series as a whole.

Best racing games on PS5 F1 23
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F1 World has brought everything from multiplayer, Time Trial and Grand Prix mode into a single, easy-to-navigate hub. With new content added every week, most themed around the real F1 2023 calendar, there's always something new for players to do.

Codemasters is continuing to address issues with the game, ensuring the racing experience is the best it can be for players.

The Crew Motorfest

The newest entry on this list, The Crew Motorfest is Ubisoft's answer to Forza Horizon. Some have suggested that The Crew Motorfest is perhaps a little too similar to Microsoft's open-world racer, but there are a few elements that make it stand out.

The third entry in The Crew franchise, The Crew Motorfest features a series of playlists, each one themed around a specific manufacturer, element of car culture, or even the world of Hawaii where The Crew Motorfest is set.

Best racing games on PS5 The Crew Motorfest
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If you're not drifting around the streets of O'ahu in a Japanese drifter, you're probably learning about the history of Hawaii whilst charging through the jungle in an American muscle car.

What makes The Crew Motorfest stand out most however is the fact it's not exclusive to a specific platform. That means players on Xbox, PlayStation and PC can all race together.


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You may be surprised to see a four-year-old game on this list, but that's a testament to just how awesome Wreckfest is. Nothing beats a proper console arcade racer, and Wreckfest ticks that box perfectly.

Wreckfest answers the question: what if racing was just absolute chaos? With its incredible physics and damage models, Wreckfest is a riot for all players. Every race features total destruction, with the demolition derbies being a particular favourite of ours.

The best racing games on PS5 Wreckfest
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Wreckfest came to PS5 in 2021, bringing the racing carnage to a new generation. There have also been rumours of a sequel on the way soon, so now's the perfect time to hop into this hidden gem of a racing game.

Assetto Corsa Competizione

We said that Gran Turismo 7 is the most realistic console exclusive right now. That's because Assetto Corsa Competizione is the most realistic sim on PS5.

ACC is a pure racing sim that focuses on high-performance sports cars. The car and track lists might leave many wanting more, but what it does offer has been crafted to perfection.

Best racing games on PS5 Assetto Corsa Competizione
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ACC was originally released back in 2019, but got a next-gen upgrade two years later. This enhanced the graphics, physics, and sound, creating the best console racing experience available.

ACC continues to receive regular updates but with Assetto Corsa 2 due later this year, the best time to play Assetto Corsa Competizione is definitely now.

The best racing games

We've shown you the best racing games available on the PS5, but what about on other platforms?

Best racing games Forza Motorsport
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Want to see the best racing games of 2023? We have the perfect list just for you.

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