Most Anticipated Racing Games Still to Come in 2024

Most Anticipated Racing Games Still to Come in 2024

Most Anticipated Racing Games Still to Come in 2024

It’s July, which means we’re halfway through 2024 already. The first half of the year saw several new automotive games join the grid, with notable releases like the early access version of Le Mans Ultimate, Expeditions: A MudRunner Game, the underrated indie gem New Star GP, MotoGP 24, and, of course, F1 24.

Looking at the road ahead, there are plenty more new racing games around the corner to get excited about, from the return of Test Drive Unlimited to Assetto Corsa’s highly-anticipated sequel.

Here are our most anticipated racing games still to come in 2024.

Asphalt Legends Unite

Platforms: PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android
Release date: July 17, 2024

a car is driving down a race track in a video game .
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If you love arcade racers, there’s a good chance you’ve played Asphalt. The long-running series began on mobiles but has since expanded to PC consoles, culminating with the upcoming release of Asphalt Legends Unite.

Legends Unite is billed as a free-to-play expansion for Asphalt 9: Legends, but it might as well be a new game. The arcade racer boasts a revamped game engine, a redesigned UI, and a new Singapore location, combined with the high-octane arcade racing, physics-defying stunts, and exotic supercars the series is renowned for.

Legends Unite is the first time Asphalt has raced onto PlayStation platforms since 2012's Asphalt Injection PlayStation Vita. Asphalt Legends Unite is launching on all major formats, including PC, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and mobiles, with crossplay multiplayer support for all platforms.

Hot Lap Racing

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PC
Release date: July 16, 2024

Hot Lap Racing
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Track racers with licensed cars are surprisingly rare on Nintendo Switch. Developed by Zero Games Studio, Hot Lap Racing aims to fill this void.

Celebrating multiple eras of motorsport, Hot Lap Racing is a new simcade game featuring multiple racing categories from GT to single-seaters. It has one of the most eclectic car rosters we’ve seen for a while, whether you love vintage 1960s single-seaters, legendary 1990s touring cars, or modern Le Mans prototypes. These categories can be mixed too, allowing you to create fantasy races with multiple classes in the same grid if you've ever wanted to race a single-seater against a Le Mans prototype. 

A love letter to motorsport, this could be the Switch’s answer to Forza Motorsport and Gran Turismo, albeit on a lower budget.

F1 Manager 2024

Platforms: PC, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch
Release date: July 23, 2024

F1 Manager 2024 create a team mode
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Frontier’s F1 Manager series returns this month, with F1 Manager 2024 complementing EA’s F1 24. Once again, this year’s game sees you take on the role of team principal, making crucial decisions to take your team to victory.

This year’s entry introduces several fan-requested features. F1 Manager 2024 lets you create your own team for the first time in the series, from designing liveries to signing sponsors for an eleventh team on the grid.

A new driver mentality system will give drivers more unique personalities, with their mood affecting their performance, and rival teams can now poach drivers.

Given last year's game's disappointing sales and recent redundancies, F1 Manager 2024 is a pivotal release for Frontier, but we’re confident this will be the best entry in the motorsport management series yet. If you want to manage your team on the go, F1 Manager 2024 will also launch on Nintendo Switch as a first for the series.

Monster Jam Showdown

Platforms: PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC
Release date: August 29, 2024

Monster Jam Showdown screenshot
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Milestone switches from motorbikes to monster trucks in Monster Jam Showdown, the latest Monster Jam game series installment. Milestone’s first monster truck game features an officially licensed garage of gigantic monster trucks to crush cars with and perform physics-defying stunts, with fan favorites like the iconic Grave Digger.

Unlike the Steel Titans games, Showdown runs on Unreal Engine 5, so it should look spectacular. Milestone appears to be opting for arcade driving physics, but we’re hoping Showdown will capture the feeling of hauling a massive monster truck. You aren’t confined to crowd-filled stadiums either, with a novel off-road racing mode that reminds us of MotorStorm.

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown

Platforms: PC,PS5, Xbox Series X|S
Release date: September 12, 2024

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown screenshot toll booth
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After a long wait and multiple delays, Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown is finally close to release.

The first TDU game in over a decade, TDUSC lets players roam around a 1:1 scale recreation of Hong Kong Island, racing for either the Streets or Sharps clans in the titular Solar Crown competition. Like its predecessors, there’s an emphasis on socializing with other players and customization, with the ability to enter dealerships and personalize your car with factory-correct options to make it your own.

Car progression is deliberately slower than rival games – unlocking the fastest cars in the game will take roughly 100 hours. It's a different approach to Forza Horizon, where prize cars are unlocked every time you win a race.

Fans got an early glimpse of the open-world racer in a surprise Steam demo, but the full release is set for September 12. We have a few concerns about the game’s handling and polish after a recent hands-on preview, but there’s still time for final refinements before players hit the streets of Hong Kong Island.

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Assetto Corsa Evo

Platforms: PC (Steam Early Access)
Release date: TBA Summer 2024

Assetto Corsa Evo screenshot Alfa Romeo
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Assetto Corsa Evo is easily the most anticipated sim racer of 2024. A direct sequel to the original Assetto Corsa, Evo takes the series back to its roots, with a focus on road cars. Initial screenshots on the Steam page showcase a variety of production cars from Alfa Romeo, Alpine, and Lamborghini among other brands, as well as iconic circuits including the Nordschleife, all rendered with astonishing levels of detail.

With dynamic weather and VR support already confirmed coupled with Kunos Simulazioni’s best-in-class driving simulation physics, fans are itching to get a proper look at Assetto Corsa Evo in action. Assetto Corsa Evo is slated for a PC early access release sometime in the summer, with console ports to follow later.

Stampede Racing Royale

Platforms: PC, Xbox
Release date:
Summer 2024 (Steam Early Access/Xbox Preview)

a group of cars are racing on a track in a video game .
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It’s been a long time since a new IP has disrupted the kart racing genre, but Stampede Racing Royale is the latest challenger to try and steal the crown. Mario Kart meets Fall Guys, Stampede Racing Royale sees you battle it out with 60 other players in the same lobby as you try to be the last player standing and avoid being taken out by powerups, making for some gloriously chaotic and unpredictable matches.

Considering it’s also free-to-play and being developed by a subsidiary of Sumo Digital (the studio behind racing classics like OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast and Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed), Stampede Racing Royale could be the next big kart racer when it hits Steam Early Access and Xbox Preview this summer.

Honorable mentions

This is only scratching the surface, as there are plenty of other racing games lining up on the grid in the second half of this year. The long-delayed PC port of CarX Street is expected to arrive this year, while drifting fans can burn rubber in Japanese Drift Master. Bike fans can also look forward to a new officially licensed MXGP game from KT Racing.

For strategy fans, Golden Lap is a retro-style alternative to F1 Manager from the creator of Art of Rally, and we're waiting to hear more about GT Manager 24.

Wreckreation screenshot
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There could be some more unannounced surprises on the horizon too. EA Sports WRC is likely to get a sequel later this year, and we’re hoping for an update on the Burnout-inspired Wreckreation at THQ Nordic’s Showcase in August.

Speaking of Burnout, a new Burnout game is rumored to be in development by Stellar Entertainment, the studio behind Burnout Paradise Remastered. Teases from last year could also hint that Bugbear is preparing to announce Wreckfest 2 at the THQ Nordic Showcase too.

Alongside new releases, we can also look forward to new content updates in Forza Motorsport, Gran Turismo 7, Le Mans Ultimate, and F1 24 to keep us busy for the rest of 2024.

What is your most anticipated new racing game still to come in the second half of 2024?

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