F1 22 Update 1.08 Patch Notes: AI performance rebalancing arrives

A rare Tuesday update has dropped for the Formula 1 game, and there is a good reason in the F1 22 update 1.08 patch notes!

Let's take a look.

F1 22 Update 1.08 patch notes

There is only one note in this patch, which is music to every players' ears.

  • Rebalancing of AI performance in Career.

Please note that this update will apply to all current and existing saves.

After this patch, please anticipate an average decrease in Career difficulty by five. You may need to alter your save game settings for the best experience.

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That's it, that's the patch.

This is the fix that players have been asking for since F1 22 arrived over a month ago.

Now there will be some questions about this.

Codemasters answers some of that by saying the patch will impact existing saves and an average idea of how pace will change.

However, it only mentions Career. Does this include My Team? We expect so as this was the main area of concern regarding AI speed.

All that remains is to see how this impacts gameplay and that will only come with time.

Remember that you can report F1 22 bugs here. So if you find anything else jump onto there and let EA know!

F1 22 setups

We have been updating our F1 22 setups following the handling patch of Update 1.06.

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